Monday, February 27, 2012

See our work, it's out to sea!

We were so excited to receive these images. 

Yacht design firm Marty A. Lowe has created an inviting and striking environment on this luxurious yacht.

We just love seeing the creative ways our art is used. If you have any images of our work in action, please send them my way!

24 x 24" Natural Black Seafan in the guest quarters.
Ivory Gator Turtle Shell in the living room.


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beauty surrounds us.

Over Presidents Day Weekend I went to The Villages, Fla. to see my grandmother and her sister, my Great Aunt Flo, who was visiting from Saratoga, NY.

While there, I made a visit to The Village's luxrious recreation center, Captiva, where Karen's work was recently placed by the Village's interior design group.

The center is beautifully done in a very-Florida beach theme.

Aunt Flo and Grandma with Karen's Collection.
Me and my beautiful Grandma.
 Sand Dollars, Starfish and a Seafan in the lobby of Captiva.


For more information about the Karen Robertson Collection visit our website.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Karen's 3 Fav. Exhibitors at NYIGF

In the moments of free-time Karen found at NYIGF she hurried through the aisles of Pier 94 to get a glimpse of what's new in the world of interior design. Three artists caught her eye:

Inspired by old Tole pieces he saw and restored,  self-taught artist Tommy Mitchell began creating his own botanical art ten years ago.

Mitchell, with the help of his wife, operate what they proudly call "a small and simple business," Tommy Mitchell Company Toleware & Beautiful Things

Each piece of art is created and hand-signed by the artist himself and shipped from its birth place, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

NYIGF was the Mitchell's first show and Karen was delighted by his work.

"I love each and every piece, the work is so fun and beautiful. I now own a pair of Auricula which I have in my bedroom," Karen said.

Mitchell with his artwork at Pier 94 for the January 2012 NYIGF.
Mini Auricula

No novice to the design world, Lisa Jarvis has owned an interior design business for most of her life. But when she woke one morning with the idea to design her own line of furniture and accessories, her design talents turned from table arrangements to table legs. 

"I've always said, if I can't find it, I'll make it," Jarvis said. 

So that's what she did. A week after her early morning epiphany, Jarvis was sending her drawings out to get prototypes.

Her designs are elegant and edgy, perfectly merging old world and modern elements to create a comfortable yet high-style feel.

After years of being an NYIGF shopper, Jarvis is proudly exhibiting her own work.

Karen loves her style and the fact that she works so seamlessly with her husband of 14 years.

"They have so much in common with John and I. Together they have created a beautiful and successful business."

Lisa Jarvis and her husband with their new line of furniture and accessories at Pier 94, January 2012 NYIGF.
The design for these graphic side-tables came from her diamond wedding ring. 


Michele Varian, of Michele Varian Collective, has a knack for bringing nature-inspired art into the home is what caught Karen's eye.

"Her twist on nature and ability to make something new and funky from something old is so inspiring and fun," Karen said.

The inspiration for Michele Varian's geometric pillows and graphic wallpaper comes from American Indian designs and the flora and fauna that surrounded them.

All Varian's work and the work of artists she represents in her store in Downtown NYC are made in the USA.


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Monday, February 6, 2012


New York was warm and sunny, the compliments on new products overwhelmingly positive and seeing old friends and making new ones the highlight of our trip.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by and saw us at the show. We couldn't do it without you.

At left Neutral Sand Wall Covering by Casart, and at right Ocean Aqua Stripe by Casart behind Starfish Anchors.

Karen's favorite husband/wife design team, Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler of Mabley Handler Interior Design, came by to see our new work. They were one of our first customers.

 Karen licensed reproductions of her Pressed Seaweeds offered by Trowbridge Gallery.