Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Award Winning Shell Art

"We wanted to do something really creative and very different from what we normally do, so we entered a competition for fun," Karen Robertson said.

Robertson and Grott Shell Artist Frieda Jenkins collaborated on the design and execution of Vous revex d’un Jardin de Coquillage, or “Dreaming of a garden of Seashells.”

The intricate work was entered in the Northeast Florida Seashell Art Cometition and took two prizes. 

Made entirely of seashells, the masterpiece even includes a working water fountain.

"The working fountain was a last minute addition, and it really put it over the top," Jenkins said.

To view the piece in action, visit Robertson and her team at the New York International Gift Fair, Pier 94 - Location #41006, August 18-21. 

Jenkins left and Robertson right claim their awards.


Visit the Karen Robertson Collection website for more about her art works.