Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Our second show at High Point Market Week went better than we could have hoped for. We enjoyed seeing old friends, making new ones and hearing all of your wonderful feedback. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see us, we owe it all to you and your business.

A special thanks also to all those who attended our party Monday night. We had fun sharing cupcakes, champagne and our knowledge on dynamic walls with you. 

The demonstration by the lovely ladies from Casart was fabulous. Ashley, of Casart Coverings - our partner and provider of the Karen Robertson Collection line of removable, reusable wall coverings - demonstrated how quick and easy the product is to install (she did it in heels!).

John served as our handsome bar tender for the evening.

He filled our glasses with champagne alongside an adorable cupcake display 
shaped like an anchor!

Karen scaled a ladder in her gown to grace us with her words of gratitude and a lecture on dynamic wall design.

Ashley transformed a blank wall into an interesting landscape for Karen's art.

 The beautiful lades who won Karen's raffle gifts!

 The whole crew!
From left to right: Lorre Lei, Elizabeth and Ashley from Casart
with me, Karen and John from Karen Robertson Collection


Visit the Karen Robertson Collection website for more about her art works.
Click here for more about Casart Wall Coverings

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  1. Great post, Emily! We had such a good time. Thank you, Karen and John for hosting a fun and informational party/demonstration. I'm glad I didn't fall in those heels. ;) Good thing Casart is so easy to install.